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Kim Kardashian Legal Team Speaks On Trademark Dispute

Kim Kardashian Legal Team Speaks On Trademark Dispute

Kim Kardashian’s legal team has spoken up regarding the trademark dispute between the ‘SKN by Kim’ skincare products and a salon providing services called ‘SKKN+’ The lawyers are calling the trademark dispute a “shake down” and have said that the owner of ‘SKKN+’ was nothing more than a one-on-one service and it was not until Kim Kardashian rumours of using SKN as her new skincare line name that the owner filed for the trademark, that has been since rejected by the USPTO.

In the statement, the legal team makes some substantial claims, in saying the owner later created a professional website, and a store front to try to make the business look “legitimate..” As per the last statement, the legal team is preparing to go to court, as the dispute cannot be settled as the owner Beauty Concept (of SKKN+) provided only two options 1. Kim to stop using the SKN name or 2. Pay a lot of money to use the name.

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