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Skechers Appoints Yolanda Macias to Its Board of Directors

Skechers Appoints Yolanda Macias to Its Board of Directors

Skechers USA, announced today that Yolanda Macias has been appointed to its Board of Directors. The appointment brings the total number of directors to eight, including five independent members, three of whom are women appointed over the last three years.

“Skechers is the third largest athletic lifestyle brand in the world, a position achieved through our ability to design comfortable, innovative and stylish products, and deliver our offering where and how consumers desire it. Given the growing emphasis on the fast-changing world of digital commerce, we felt further expanding and diversifying our Board of Directors with a creative business leader would be an asset to our brand,” began Robert Greenberg, Skechers Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. “Yolanda brings a new perspective, and we believe she will complement our current directors. We look forward to leveraging her experience as we execute our strategic plans, maintain our position as a competitive force in this industry and drive toward our goal of $10 billion in annual sales by 2026.”

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